Chateau Belgrave Bordeaux
750 ml
Single Bottle
Ch Belgrave is situated right next door to Chateaux Lagrange and Beychevelle, spitting distance to St Julien, but just across the border and so must be called a Haut Medoc. (We like this accident-makes it cost less!) A blend of largely Cabernet and Merlot, with small additions of Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot, Belgrave is looked after by Dourthe and Michel Rolland. Both know a thing or three about quality Bordeaux. The 2009 is a beauty, a fleshy, velvet-textured, seductive red, with aromas and flavors of spicy red and black cherries. Minerals harmonize in the background; smoke plays counterpoint. The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. It begs for a crisp fall evening, a warm fire, a great steak, and a nod to history. This is what you want to drink with Christmas dinner, what you want in your Christmas stocking, what you want, period. And if you open the bottle and decide NOT to share, your secret is safe with us.
Ch Belgrave
Primary Grape
Cabernet Sauvignon
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