Bastille Day 4pk
750 ml
July 14th-what's the best way tp celebrate Bastille Day? How about a mixed 4 pk of sock-em-down tasty, summer-worthy red, white, and rosé, tailor made to quench your thirst while tasting totally delicious? Do we have your attention? Ok... Start off with Delhommeau Muscadet, the wine for seafood. Produced from two estate-grown, old-vine parcels planted on pure unadulterated stone, it's aged 'sur lie'-on its spent lees-to give it creaminess and complexity. Nonetheless, it is bone-dry, racy, clean, and mineral-driven. Imagine the sea's faintly salty tang. Imagine how good this will taste with clams. Or oysters. Oui! Oui! Have you fallen in love with rosé yet? If yes, this is your jam. If no, this will be your jam. Hailing from Provence, the spiritual home of rosé, Louis Fabre Rosé is a study in bottled sunshine. Raspberry. Strawberry. Melon and citrus. All tangy mineral on the finish. A couple sips, and you'll think you're lying on the beach in Villefranche-sur-Mer. Really. Then, red. You need some red no matter what the mercury says, because some foods just go better with red. But for this kind of weather, that red should be full and lush without being heavy or oaky. No worries-the French excel at this style, too. Try The Little Long Dog, a blend of Grenache and Syrah that bursts with fresh berries and just a hint of spice. Forgive the kitchy label and just enjoy its flat-out delectability. Finish up with an old standby, Camille Cayran's Le Pas de la Baume, a classic southern Rhone blend that's heavy on Grenache, but with a nice sprinkling of Syrah, Carignan, and Cinsault to give it weight and depth. It tastes like black plums, red raspberries, cherries, vanilla, and spice. Plus garrigue, that uniquely French concept that means something like 'sun warmed herbs that smell like you are walking through fields in Provence'. One bottle each, packed in a grab-n-go 4pk. Grab one while you can. Cheaper than a flight and more convenient, too!
Bastille Day 4pk
Primary Grape
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