Zenato Ripassa 3 Pack (375 ml)
3 x 375 ml
Three Pack
Zenato, a venerable and storied producer of both Amarone and Ripassa, makes a Ripassa for the ages. A blend of Corvina, Rondinella, and Oseleta, it spends 18 months in new oak after its date with the Amarone skins. The resulting wine is bursting with black cherry, blackberry, cassis, bittersweet cocoa, licorice, and spice. There's plenty of vanilla-scented oak on the finish. In fact, there's plenty of everything. This wine is everything you could ask in a Ripassa, well worthy of the 'Baby Amarone' title. It's a deal even at full retail. $10 per is not, I repeat NOT full retail. Why so cheap? Well...a large distributor bought a mid-size distributor and discovered, when moving the latter into their warehouse, that-oops!-this stuff does NOT fit. What happens then? Fire Sale. Yippee! Fire sales are very good-for all of us!
Zenato Ripassa
Primary Grape
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