Notes From All Over

The Last Word
Fat Twitter

Do you know a 'last word' person? No matter how trivial the text or email, they answer it.
No, thank you!
Sure, no problem.
Arghhh! This drives me crazy! But now I have new perspective. Maybe they picked up this habit while trying to retain their Very Responsive badge on Facebook.

We're 5 & We're Throwing a Party! Sun, Nov 5 2-5 PM
Birthday Cake

Once upon a time, I decided I wanted to open a wine shop. Many months, towers of paperwork, and a few pairs of running shoes later, we did just that.

Now-somehow-five whole years have gone by. Five years filled with Beer Extravaganzas, Pennywise Sales, Wine Club, the Bargain Boat, and the Gin Bathtub. Five years of partnering with great local and regional nonprofits. Five years of Drink Pink and Bubbles & Bark. Five incredible years of building our very own community centered around delicious beverages and wonderful people.

RIP, Benny's, aka the Value of Local

The big news in Rhode Island this week was the impending closure of the Benny's chain. When CEO Arnold Bromberg announced that the beloved retailer, 93 years young, will close all 32 stores, the whole state practically went into mourning.

Grace Under Fire

This week, as New England basked in unseasonably gorgeous sunshine. Northern California burned. And burned. Wildfires raged throughout Napa, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties, killing 23 (at this count), injuring many more, and causing billions of dollars in property damage.

When you think of fire damage, what comes to mind? A house, a barn, a hotel? Maybe a business or 2? Do you ever imagine entire neighborhoods burned to the ground? Because that's what happened in CA this week. And then there are the vines...

Unexpected Treasures
Bismarck Churchills

Bismarck, North Dakota is a very white place. Even today, the population is 92.5% white and 4.5% Native American, with all other groups at a combined 3%. Now imagine what it was like in 1935. How comfortable would it have been for an African American athlete to live and work there?

Passion, Distilled
David Suro-Pinera

Before I started Pour Richard's, I worked for wine distributors and importers. And although I enjoyed that work, there were some days that just made me tired. Tired and sad.

For someone who is passionate about what they do, there is nothing worse than trying to relate to people who just don't appreciate that passion or knowledge. (And before you get your pitchforks out, I am NOT saying everyone has to agree with me.) But.

Punk Wine?
Punk Wine

My first real (aka not local musicians playing the Dairy Days barn dance) concert was a big deal. A really Big Deal. Too many kids crammed into a too-small vehicle, most of us lacking parental permission, heading off to St Cloud to see...Prince.


It was the witching hour. Midnight.
The witches weren't sure why their hour had to be so late.
More than one cauldron bubbled with coffee.
-A Small Fiction

Thanks to my witty brother-in-law, I've recently become a fan of A Small Fiction, a collection of 'micro-stories' doled out in Twitter-size (140 characters or less) portions. Across a broad range of topics, ASF endeavors to relate interesting stories, usually including a clever twist, albeit with severely limited word counts.

Sicily (aka Heaven)

The first time I visited Sicily, I called my husband past midnight, a few glasses of wine into the evening, and tried to convince him to move there. Yes. It's that amazing.

Champagne Riots

Unlike most wine regions, Champagne does not really celebrate the vigneron. Fully 87% of Champagne is produced by large 'houses' which buy much of (sometimes all of) their grapes from many thousands of small growers. There are 19,000 + growers in Champagne. Less than 5,000 of these make any wine at all. Any way you do that math, there are a lot of grapes flowing into the big houses. Today, although growers and negociants may haggle a bit over price and quality, it's largely peaceful. That was not always the case.