Notes From All Over

Do You Know (Where Your Drink Comes From)?
Flag Hill Chalk Board

At Pour Richard's, we love local. Our 'house' rum is Privateer, from Massachusetts. We are also proud to carry spirits from Mad River, in Vermont's Mad River Valley, Medfield's Astraluna Distillery, Berkshire Mountain Distillery, and many others.

Why?The better question is 'Why NOT?'. Because local companies employ local residents. More of the revenue stays in the immediate area. Money you were going to spend anyway also benefits your town and region.


Up until just a few years ago, I never envisioned I'd be selling wine in cans. Because honestly, who thought that would become a big trend?

We're not averse to alternative packaging; in fact, we're huge fans of good quality boxed wine. Cost-effective, environmentally friendly, AND it keeps the wine fresh for weeks? Sign us up!

The problem is that 'good quality' bit. Because for every excellent boxed wine that we're happy to carry, there are 30 more that are just horrible. I think I have tasted them all at this point. And that goes double for cans.

Happy Memorial Day!
Jace Happy Memorial Day

For me, Memorial Day will forever prompt memories of our small town Memorial Day program, held at the high school gym and featuring the high school band, a few hymns, and the awkward speeches of local 'dignitaries' far more comfortable on a tractor than behind a podium. Following the program, there was a procession out to the two rural cemeteries, where aged veterans would salute, and the Ladies Aid would place flags and wreaths on the graves of our fallen soldiers.

Happy National Wine Day
National Wine Day

Did you know that today is National Bring Your Parents to the Playground Day? Also: National Quiche Lorraine Day. Better yet, it's also National Rescue Dog Day! (Hello, here's my chance to get another dog!) Tomorrow, you can celebrate National Waitstaff Day or National Strawberries and Cream Day. Tuesday? That's National Vanilla Pudding Day.

Simply put, any date seems to have one or more 'National Days'. But there's an extra special one coming up this Friday. May 25 is National Wine Day!

Seize (Everything)
Carpe Diem

Anyone who knows me in the slightest degree knows that I worship a good cup of coffee. I happily make large detours in order to visit my favorite coffee shop. I *may* give preferential treatment to sales reps savvy enough to bring me a latte on busy days. My family once gave me a Christmas ornament that read: Instant Human-Just Add Coffee. They have a point: I am much better prepared to seize the day-not to mention a LOT more pleasant-when I'm adequately caffeinated.

Old Friends
Cable Car

Randomly checking movie listings this week, I got a particularly sad surprise. After 33 years, Providence's Cable Car Cinema is closing, a victim of skyrocketing rents.

Shine. Bloom. Sparkle.

I sometimes tell the story of the 'worst sales presentation ever'.

Sales Rep: We have this new wine called 'Sequin'! Look-it has sequins on the bottle-it's designed to appeal to women, and so of course I thought of you! So what do you think?

Me: Ummm...where do I even start?

Completely aside from his assumption that all women like the exact same things...really? A bottle with sequins? I like my shine to come from inside, thank you very much.

Connection Disconnection

I am both old enough, and (originally) rural enough to dimly remember using a party-line telephone. One elderly lady on our road, lacking other excitement in her life, would pick up her receiver no matter who the call was for, prompting a lot of 'Hang UP, Angeline!' The advent of private lines, a welcome advance for the rest of us, was a bitter disappointment to her. I cannot imagine what she'd make of cell phones.

Got Art?
Wine Art

What IS Art?

Merriam Webster defines it as: the expression or application of human creative skill or imagination. So drawing, painting, sculpting, etc all qualify as art. The performing arts-dance, music, acting-do, too. But what about wine? Are winemakers artists? I'd argue that some of them are.

Winemaking involves using creativity to manipulate a medium (grapes) in much the same way chefs use their creativity to craft food. We speak of the culinary arts, so why not the winemaking arts?

Who's Your Daddy?

Once upon a time, two grapes mingled in a vineyard and produced an offspring so brash and bold it was destined to eclipse them both-and then some. That 'baby grape' was Cabernet Sauvignon, so ubiquitous that some people think it's synonymous with 'red wine'. Actual conversation:

'This is a Grenache'.
'What kind of Cabernet is that?'