Notes From All Over

Outside the Lines

"You have to color outside the lines once in a while if you want to make your life a masterpiece."
-Albert Einstein

Thanks to a book and some colored pencils I received in a subscription box, I've joined the throngs of people pursuing 'adult coloring books', 'adult' in this case denoting only a lack of cartoon characters and not anything X-rated. It's a soothing, mindless activity. It allows me to pretend I have a smidge of artistic ability. I have only one criticism: there are so many lines to stay within. And I've always enjoyed coloring outside the lines.


Cleaning out my email in-box this week, amongst the offers for 'Hot Russian Women (oh, how well you know me, email!) and AARP offers (ditto), I came upon an article that purported to connect women's personalities to their wine choices. If, for example, you're a Cabernet drinker, you are 'assertive and direct, command discussion, and demand to be heard.' Pinot Noir? You're 'sweet like cherries and strawberries' but are a challenge for men because you 'like to have your own way'.


Right about now, many people are waking up to the realization of, 'Oh, crap! I still have 28 holiday gifts to buy and only 16 days to buy them!' If that's you, and you're feeling like you need a little gift-spiration, no worries! The season snuck up on us, too, but we can help with selections for everyone on your list.

Jack & Lacey

A New Yorker headline noting the passing of former President Bush: 'The Irreducible Niceness of George H.W. Bush'. Irreducible-meaning incapable of being diminished-niceness. The article goes on to say that he is likely to be remembered as the last American president 'not to have been intensely despised by a significant portion of its population'. Not disliked. Not disagreed with. Despised. Strong wording, and yet I can't really quibble with the statement. The contemporary world is occasionally deficient in 'nice'.

Puppy Love

"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man."
-Mark Twain


Once upon a time, a group of old friends had a question. We all loved wine, worked with wine....definitely DRANK wine. Why, we wondered, weren't there more stores that carried the kinds of wines we loved-small production, family-owned, tasty little gems for a great price? Several years later, I decided to create a store to sell those wines, plus fun and interesting beers and spirits. Time flies! On the day after Thanksgiving, Pour Richard's will celebrate its sixth (SIXTH!) birthday.


When I'm in the mood for a really killer workout, I head toward Soulcycle. It's not convenient. The nearest one is in Dedham. The music is ridiculously loud, and I only recognize about 30% of it. But it IS efficient- in only 45 minutes, that class can make every muscle fiber in your body ache. And then there's Ryan.


Voting: Is it a right or a privilege? The architects of our Constitution appear to have considered it a right, and an important one- the right to vote is mentioned more frequently than any other, even the right to free speech or a free press.

Just Add Oxygen
Valdespino Sherry

If you've shopped at Pour Richard's, you know that Cassie and I are both *persistent* about certain things. Please don't call us 'bossy'. We prefer 'extremely passionate about certain beverages which we believe everyone should try.'

Italy, Prima e Ultima*

I did not approach Italian wine slowly. I jumped in with both feet. You might say I was thrown in.

My first day on the job with an Italian importer, I was assigned to pour at a major New York trade tasting. Somehow, I got the table with the big 'scores', so I was knee-deep in people. And since I was brand-new to the portfolio, I spent all day peeking at my cheat sheets. 'Um, this is Aglianico and Piedirosso. That one is, uh..Coda di Volpe.' Not my finest hour.