Notes From All Over

Red w/a Side of Sass
Carol Shelton

Sass. Sassy. Saucy. Sassier. Sauciest. Noun or adjective, comparative or superlative, and no matter how you spell it, the meaning is the same: lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky. Now I know you'll find this super shocking, but at Pour Richard's, we're big fans of sass.

Boys of Summer?
Boys of Summer

'You should sponsor this team. They play just down the road. Great guys. They like beer. I bet they shop here. Actually, it's a marketing opportunity...reach out to new groups. You should definitely sponsor them. It's not much-just enough for some new shirts and hats.'

Wine, Books & Sisters (aka Why Drink Pink?)

My preferred vacation planning methodology involves wine and books. Wine, as in 'what wineries/ cool restaurants with great wine do I want to visit?'. Books, as in treading in the footsteps of history, beloved fiction, or both. This year, on a whirlwind trip to Sicily, Malta, and London, we managed the 'both'.

All in the Perception
Glad Farm

I've been reading Glad Farm, by Milford native Catherine Marenghi, a memoir of her childhood set in the late 50's and early 60's. I met the author at a local networking group, she was selling copies of her book, and as a huge sucker for local history, of course I bought one. It's an interesting read, and especially fascinating to envision the Milford of her childhood: a small town, very rural in character.

Big Gulp

I'm not really a 'Big Gulp' type. My nearest gas station isn't a 7-11, and even if it were, I wouldn't be grabbing a 64 oz soda. Who is THAT thirsty?

I may need to re-think that.

With the turn of the season, our wine selections change, too. We'll always have some bodacious reds in stock, but what I really want right now is thirst-quenching wines, wines you can drink rather than sip. Gulpable wines.

Gulpable wines come in every color and style. But whether red, white,or rosé, still or sparkling, they have 2 things in common: low-ish alcohol and refreshing acidity.

Jasmine & Mariachi Bands
Mother's Day

Mother's Day originated in 1908 as a memorial service for the mother of one Anna Jarvis, a West Virginia woman who then campaigned to make the day a national holiday. She envisioned children honoring their mothers with 'thoughtful hand-written letters'. When Hallmark, etc turned it into a day to exchange greeting cards, bouquets of flowers, and candy, Ms Jarvis was NOT amused. In fact, she was arrested while protesting at a candy makers' convention.

Comma Queens and Wine Geeks
Wine Tasting

'The first job I ever had, the summer I was fifteen, was checking feet at a public pool in Cleveland...I have never heard of foot checkers in any city besides Cleveland...and can only speculate that at one time there was an outbreak of athlete's foot on the shores of Lake Erie, and a crusading public health official, determined to stamp it out, hired all these people to check feet.'*

Seed Sprouting

It's supposed to be Spring. Right? And yet, as I write this, the weather is doing a marvelous impression of the inside of a car wash. With a full-on monsoon outside my door, spring seems a little far away. But it's there...if you look for it. Pale green shooting up from the earth. Crocuses and daffodils blooming. Buds pushing on the trees. Wild geese calling overhead, on their way north for the summer.

The Optimist's View
black hole edit

My daughter just completed her class schedule for next semester, including an astronomy class which fulfills an earth sciences distribution requirement. She's not terribly excited about it, because she's not a science major, and the course has a reputation for difficulty.

Taste: It's Personal

Cilantro is a polarizing herb; people either love it or hate it. And the people who hate it really, truly HATE it. I know, because I'm one of them.