Winter Blues Begone


I once worked with a winery owner famous for his 'challenging' personality. He was never, ever happy with his depletions. If you had sold lots of wine A, why hadn't you also sold more of wine B? If you'd knocked it out of the park with A and B, well then what about wine C, hmm? Worse, he complained about absolutely everything, and had no filter around customers. He managed to turn customers into non-customers at an incredible rate. When he visited the US, we'd argue about whose turn it was to deal with him. Rock-paper-scissors not mine!

After one particularly awful visit, the New England staff was ready to mutiny. The company president, in an effort to smooth things over, sent out an email that read, in part, 'He lives up there in the Piemonte. They don't get enough sunshine or Vitamin D. They have a higher than average incidence of neurological and psychological disorders.' Huh? We chalked this up to the president's Sicilian heritage and left it at that, but in the midst of a grey New England January, I find myself wondering if he was onto something.

January is just dull. Christmas is over. Vacation seems far off. The holidays have blown everyone's budgets. Meantime, it's cold, grey, and dark practically 24/7. You feel all white, squidgy, cranky, and just plain BLAH. How do you banish this malaise?

For me, an antidote to the winter blues arrived in the form of a seriously cute Westie pup. Mason, one of our favorite canine visitors, spent a few hours at the store Friday, doing laps around the displays, snitching Jace's toys, and enthusiastically licking faces. It is actually impossible to be cranky in the presence of such concentrated cuteness. I recommend it highly. That night, I took a killer yoga class, then relaxed with delicious hot soup, a voluptuous Italian red, and a good book. Winter blues, banished!

If a delicious liquid will help to improve your outlook, stop by and let us help you with that. Would you like your delicious liquids warm? On Friday, February 1, we're featuring cocktails of Rum+Tea with Jay Needleman of Privateer. Still not enough? Try borrowing a cute puppy.

Wishing you warmth, sunshine, and a positive outlook.