Shine. Bloom. Sparkle.


I sometimes tell the story of the 'worst sales presentation ever'.

Sales Rep: We have this new wine called 'Sequin'! Look-it has sequins on the bottle-it's designed to appeal to women, and so of course I thought of you! So what do you think?

Me: Ummm...where do I even start?

Completely aside from his assumption that all women like the exact same things...really? A bottle with sequins? I like my shine to come from inside, thank you very much.

My favorite way to spend a Tuesday or Thursday morning is taking yoga class with Pam Sammartino. In 90 minutes, Pam takes you through a vigorous vinyasa flow that ends in a pool of sweat. And you barely notice how hard you're working, because Pam's delightfully goofy personality keeps you smiling the whole time.

Pam also races stand-up paddleboards. And paints. I haven't made it to one of her exhibits yet, but I did get a little taste last summer, when she left hand-painted shells on everyone's mats during savasana. Shine, indeed. Pam's sparkle comes from inside-it's the real deal.

Last Tuesday, I didn't make it to yoga because I was attending the Annual Membership meeting for the local Chamber of Commerce, where we recap the last year, plan for the next, and hand out some awards. This year's Lifetime Achievement Award went to Georgia Deane, of Mendon's Deane School of Dance and The Greater Milford Ballet Company, for her enduring work in the performing arts.

43 years after founding the school, Georgia still teaches 4 classes each week. Item: Georgia is 99. Second item: when several of her teachers were stricken with the flu this winter, Georgia taught ALL the classes. In accepting her award, she sang a few bars of 'You're Wonderful' and treated us to a little soft shoe. This lady has more energy and verve at 99 than most people possess at 29. Her students are incredibly fortunate to learn from someone who is so clearly living her passion. Georgia re-defines sparkle.

On Facebook this week, a friend posted "When you're in a dark place, you tend to think you've been buried. Perhaps you've been planted. Bloom.'

Exactly. Shine. Bloom. Sparkle. Have a great week!