Seize (Everything)

Carpe Diem

Anyone who knows me in the slightest degree knows that I worship a good cup of coffee. I happily make large detours in order to visit my favorite coffee shop. I *may* give preferential treatment to sales reps savvy enough to bring me a latte on busy days. My family once gave me a Christmas ornament that read: Instant Human-Just Add Coffee. They have a point: I am much better prepared to seize the day-not to mention a LOT more pleasant-when I'm adequately caffeinated.

On the other end of the day, I'm partial to a good glass of wine. This time of year, that's likely to be a dry, crisp rosé, with all the ethereal silkiness that implies. In between, I'm ready to seize the daylights out of most anything-work, family, dogs, yoga. Bring it on.

Because I can. And I don't take that for granted. I am keenly aware that every day I wake up with vibrant health and the ability to accomplish what I please is an invaluable gift, a gift not to be taken lightly.

I've seen far too many loved ones lose that gift to cancer. In response, I choose to Drink Pink, to dedicate one day every year to help the fight against this terrible disease. This year, that day is Saturday, May 19.

For Drink Pink, we combine our passion for rosé (and red, white, spirits, cocktails, beer...) with the certainty that we can help to end a horrible disease. Drink Pink is tasty. Drink Pink is fun. But most importantly, Drink Pink helps.

2-5 PM. Tickets are $20. We hope you can join us. Seize the day. Seize the opportunity.