Puppy Love


"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man."
-Mark Twain

The above quote is courtesy of Mike Darton's A Dog Lover's Miscellany, an excellent compendium of all things canine. I've been reading it in snippets during the holiday rush. I also just finished Farley Mowat's The Dog Who Wouldn't Be, starring the tree-climbing, goggle-wearing skunk-hating 'Mutt' in a hilarious but touching saga about the Canadian prairie. Clearly, I have dogs on the brain. It's time for Bubbles & Bark, our annual FUNdraiser for Forever Home Rescue.

FHR, based in Medfield, has rescued thousands of dogs, given them proper medical care and training, then placed them in loving 'Forever' homes. Adoption fees cover only a small fraction of this process; volunteers and donations must make up the rest. We're incredibly happy to be hosting our 6th event for this wonderful group.

Full disclosure: the younger of my two dogs, Donald, is a FHR alum. So I have particular and personal reasons to love this group, which I'm reminded of every time I'm greeted by my cheerful, exuberant tail-wagger. Apparently, I'm not alone; every year, more customers bring their 'Alumni Dogs' to Bubbles & Bark.

We have a great lineup this year! Corey Bunnewith is back with a new gig, pouring some bodacious California reds. Charlie (aka 'Old Man Whisk(e)y') will be here, complete with kilt and delicious Scotch. Sheri. Jamie. Patrick. Rich. Russell. Privateer Rum, of course. And many more.

We'll have plenty of bubbly. Holiday-worthy reds. Beer. Spirits. Cocktails-Russell will have party-ready punch bowl recipes. Lots of dogs. Also hot dogs. Because it wouldn't be a party without Snappy Dogs*.

Favorite people. Favorite beverages. Plenty of dogs, both furry and Snappy. We will have a rollicking good time, while helping out dogs who really deserve another chance at a better life. Won't you join us? This Saturday, 2-5 PM.

*The best hot dogs EVER. Homemade condiments. Yum.