Perspective: La Vie en Rose

Em & La Vie en Rose

"Saturday began horribly. When the alarm went off, I thought: 'Ooh, I get to eat now!' But nooo...outside we go, and WHAT.IS.THIS??!!! It's cold, it's wet, it's getting all over my fur. And you expect me to WALK in this? I thought we were done with this white crap! I'm going to take as long as I can, just to protest! As soon as we're back inside, I give Mom a dirty look, run upstairs and launch myself onto the bed. 'Dad, can you BELIEVE this treatment? Mom tortured me! She made my feet cold and got all of my hairs wet, too'. I know-I'll rub it off on you. Then I'm going to pout for awhile." -Emily the Cairn Terrier

And pout she did-very effectively, too. Em has always been a feisty sort, and at ~11, she's also getting a wee bit cranky. She seemed to view Saturday's morning snow as a personal affront perpetrated upon her by yours truly, and barely deigned to glance in my direction all day.

From my (slightly more optimistic) perspective, the snow wasn't too bad. First and foremost, it didn't require shoveling. It wasn't significant enough to alter my morning plans. And by the time we got back from yoga, the sun was out, the temp had warmed, and the snow was long gone. The wind seemed softer, the weather easier. Spring was so close you could almost touch it.

The French have a marvelous term for this rosy perspective: 'Voir la vie en rose', translated as 'looking at life in pink', or looking through rose colored glasses. Whatever it's called, something was telling me warmer days are on their way.

I have La Vie en Rose on the brain this week, because I am quite literally drinking it. We have finally-FINALLY!- found a perfect replacement for the much-mourned Tete a Claques, the just off-dry, slightly fizzy pink wine that everyone loved and nobody can forget. Until now. Because we've found another version of this Pink Happy Juice-and it's called La Vie en Rose! We got the first delivery on Wednesday, and it is delicious!!!

So whether you're looking at life through rose colored glasses, drinking it from a rosé-colored glass, or maybe both, we highly recommend trying out La Vie en Rose. It worked for me; the dog's even talking to me again.