Cleaning out my email in-box this week, amongst the offers for 'Hot Russian Women (oh, how well you know me, email!) and AARP offers (ditto), I came upon an article that purported to connect women's personalities to their wine choices. If, for example, you're a Cabernet drinker, you are 'assertive and direct, command discussion, and demand to be heard.' Pinot Noir? You're 'sweet like cherries and strawberries' but are a challenge for men because you 'like to have your own way'. Better yet, White Zinfandel: 'You, Princess, like to have a good in the sun and lie on white sand beaches in a big sunhat'. Well.

I'm not so sure I buy into the concept of wine choice = personality. We concentrate more on wines with personality and the fascinating personalities of our favorite wine people. If you've attended one of our tasting events, you know what I mean. Sheri, Rich, Howard, Charlie, Patrick, Corey....these are people with considerable knowledge of their products, plus deeply individual style. It is both fun and rewarding to work with them, which is why we invite them to participate in tastings: we want to share that experience.

The 'tasting season' was ambitious this year. Two big Portuguese events, a Spanish tasting, Bulgarian wines, Howard's Pacific NW gems, Simon's California portfolio, and many, many more. Now with Christmas around the corner, we'll close out the season as we always do, on the Saturday before the holiday with George.

Christmas Italian style is something you truly must experience. And there's no better tour guide for that trip than George Schwartz. George= Italy and Italy= George. He has worked with Italian wines and spirits for over 35 years. He brings us exquisite and tasty things to drink. But he's also a dear and cherished friend. A bubbly toast or two, a bold red, and then some Nocino, Amaro, and Brandy is-paired with George's knowledge and sparkling wit-exactly how we like to prepare for the holiday.

We hope you can join us. Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!