Perfect Day

The height of summer brings perfect cloudless days, gardens and markets overflowing with nature's bounty, extended twilit evenings, and a relaxation unique to the season. But if you're sending a child back to college soon-even if that college is across town-there is also a bittersweet sense that this time is finite. If the college is across the country, even more so. With my daughter's imminent return to Los Angeles firmly in mind, we stole a beach day last Friday and headed to Block Island.

Early ferry. Tooling around the island on bikes. Brown bag lunch with toes in the sand. A good book and a beach nap-the best kind!-followed by more biking and a return ferry at sunset. It doesn't get much better, right?

Well. The ferry dock is in Narragansett, home to Crazy Burger, a great funky/casual restaurant. It happens to be BYOB. I happened to have a killer bottle of rosé in the cooler. So the day got even better. You might even call it perfect. I certainly would.

As these achingly beautiful high summer days start to wane, I hope you find the opportunity to seize a perfect day or two for yourself. If your idea of perfect includes some tasty beverages, we're happy to help you with those choices. But whatever 'perfect' means to you, find it. Then enjoy every last minute.