Outside the Lines

"You have to color outside the lines once in a while if you want to make your life a masterpiece."
-Albert Einstein

Thanks to a book and some colored pencils I received in a subscription box, I've joined the throngs of people pursuing 'adult coloring books', 'adult' in this case denoting only a lack of cartoon characters and not anything X-rated. It's a soothing, mindless activity. It allows me to pretend I have a smidge of artistic ability. I have only one criticism: there are so many lines to stay within. And I've always enjoyed coloring outside the lines.

In coloring, but also in life, a lot of great experiences are found outside the lines. For this year's Beverage Resolutions, we're keeping it simple: We hereby resolve to color (and drink) outside the lines.

Everyone likes Prosecco, but have you tried Serprino, the older version of Prosecco from the area around Padova? Our favorite Italian guy (George) found one for us, and it was love at first sip. We'll be drinking a lot of Serprino this year. George also brought us an Italian cherry brandy made from real cherries. It doesn't taste like cough syrup. It does make killer Manhattans. Seriously-ask us for the recipe.

We also resolve to continue drinking Crémant, the Champagne in all-but-name-and-price. Currently, we're loving Crémants from both Limoux and Bourgogne. I'll bet you would, too. And we're changing out Pinot Grigio for the slightly more full-flavored Pinot Bianco. Our current fave, from high altitude vineyards in the Alto Adige, is crisp and zesty.

You already know how much we love Portuguese wines. And Bulgarian, too. But this year, we'll be taking a good look at Moldova and Greece, two regions that surprised us with their quality:price ratio. And we're re-committing to both fortified wines (ports, sure, but also sherry and interesting vermouths) and dessert wines (the Terre di Noto Lapalicca is almost a religious experience). These selections add that little 'something extra' to the beginning or end of a meal that helps it cross the line between 'nice' and 'awesome'. An Amaro, from our ever-growing collection of these Italian and Italian-inspired digestifs, can do the same. Try a local version, like the one from Bully Boy.

We resolve to at least occasionally replace tequila with mezcal, its smokier, funkier, more elemental cousin. And to try a great little single malt from...England. Or maybe a 'seasonal' gin from North Shore distiller Short Path. Because gin should definitely have seasons, right?

We'll discover more new enthusiasms as 2019 develops. And then we'll let you know about them. Because above all, we resolve to continue finding delicious and interesting drinkables for our fabulous, adventurous, and incredibly fun customers.

Lines? I don't see any lines.