Mountain High

White Mountains

Where I grew up, in the Dakotas, the sky is big. Immense, even. It goes on for days in every possible direction. So when I moved to New England, the trees-which are everywhere, and pretty much blot out the sky-really freaked me out. I felt incredibly closed in and had to seek out places where I could see the sky.

One of those places, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, remains a favorite destination. When I find a free day, I think it's a marvelous idea to point the car north, strap on a backpack, and climb til there's nothing but rock under my feet and sky above. Up above the treeline, staring out into the blue, I swear I can breathe more deeply.

Breathing is a GOOD thing.

Which is why, as you read this, I'll be just about back to my car after spending the day hiking Mt Moosilauke. I'll be tired and probably a little sore, but nothing that a beer and a burger won't fix. More importantly, my mood and general outlook on life will be improved for weeks. Making time for the things you love makes everything else you do better.

On Monday, the calendar flips to October, jam-packed with fun events and some of my favorite people. I'll be back here, refreshed, and loving every minute of it.