Happy National Wine Day

National Wine Day

Did you know that today is National Bring Your Parents to the Playground Day? Also: National Quiche Lorraine Day. Better yet, it's also National Rescue Dog Day! (Hello, here's my chance to get another dog!) Tomorrow, you can celebrate National Waitstaff Day or National Strawberries and Cream Day. Tuesday? That's National Vanilla Pudding Day.

Simply put, any date seems to have one or more 'National Days'. But there's an extra special one coming up this Friday. May 25 is National Wine Day!

There's no evidence that this is a Congress-approved official nation-wide holiday. Nor does it seem to be widely celebrated. But we aim to change that.

How should one celebrate National Wine Day? You could host a wine tasting, or at least attend one. You could read about wine, or organize the bottles in your collection. But we think the best way to celebrate this 'holiday' would be to drink some great wine. We'd like to help you out with that.

This Friday, we'll run not one, not two, but five (5!) separate email specials, every hour on the hour from 10 AM to 2 PM. We'll also have some extra-special deals in-store. If you have no interest in saving a TON of $$ on delicious, well-made wines, then by all means, ignore your inbox on Friday. Otherwise, stay tuned.

Time to celebrate!