Happy Memorial Day!

Jace Happy Memorial Day

For me, Memorial Day will forever prompt memories of our small town Memorial Day program, held at the high school gym and featuring the high school band, a few hymns, and the awkward speeches of local 'dignitaries' far more comfortable on a tractor than behind a podium. Following the program, there was a procession out to the two rural cemeteries, where aged veterans would salute, and the Ladies Aid would place flags and wreaths on the graves of our fallen soldiers.

Googling 'Memorial Day' just now, I got none of that. In fact, the third item in the search was 'Memorial Day Sale'. Which is certainly one way to celebrate-I like a good sale as well as the next girl. But I won't be out shopping on Memorial Day.

I have a fair amount of family and friends who are either active or ex-military, and I'm painfully aware of the sacrifices they make to serve the rest of us and protect our considerable freedoms. For those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, laying down their lives for their country, I believe one single day to recognize that sacrifice is the very least we owe to them.

For many years, Massachusetts required liquor stores to be closed on Memorial Day. That has now changed; we could open on Memorial Day if we chose to do so. We choose not to.

We're open 12-5 today (Sunday), and will be happy to help you select some delicious beverages to complement your holiday festivities. Tomorrow, Cassie and I will both be spending the day with family and friends. Jace will probably be napping-he enthusiastically greeted LOTS of friends this weekend!

However you choose to celebrate, we hope you're spending the day with good food and drink, and everyone you love.