Got Art?

Wine Art

What IS Art?

Merriam Webster defines it as: the expression or application of human creative skill or imagination. So drawing, painting, sculpting, etc all qualify as art. The performing arts-dance, music, acting-do, too. But what about wine? Are winemakers artists? I'd argue that some of them are.

Winemaking involves using creativity to manipulate a medium (grapes) in much the same way chefs use their creativity to craft food. We speak of the culinary arts, so why not the winemaking arts?

If you've tasted -even once-a truly exquisite wine, you know this is true. A great wine can speak to your soul the same way beautiful music or profound literature can. So perhaps it just makes sense that we're hosting 3 of Franklin's 50+ Art Week events right here at Pour Richard's. Art begets art.

If you'd like to create your own art, check out Taste and Pour on Wednesday, May 2 (tickets at http// We'll pour delicious wine samples for you while Jacqueline Burke Volpe shows you how to free-pour acrylic paint. Or The Art of the (Wine) Label, on Thursday, May 3 (tickets at to sample some liquid art, learn a little about the history of beautiful wine labels, and then create your own, which we'll affix to a bottle for you to take home with you. If you prefer a more passive approach to art, swing by on Saturday, May 5 for The Art of Henna ($10 day of). Melissa Chartoff will apply henna designs while you relax, sip wine, and listen to music. And check out the many, many other offerings at

ArtWeek's purpose is to strengthen and sustain the presence of art in our communities; we're very proud that we-and our favorite wines-can be part of that movement.