Right about now, many people are waking up to the realization of, 'Oh, crap! I still have 28 holiday gifts to buy and only 16 days to buy them!' If that's you, and you're feeling like you need a little gift-spiration, no worries! The season snuck up on us, too, but we can help with selections for everyone on your list.

The Romantic
She watches It's a Wonderful Life every year, uses her grandmother's china for the holiday dinner, and issues a standing invite for tree trimming and Champagne. For the Romantic, the story matters as much as the beverage. Get her a grower Champagne from a tiny historic Domaine. Or maybe a classic Bordeaux from Calon-Segur. The Marquis of Segur famously claimed 'I make wine at Mouton and Lafite, but my heart is at Calon', and put a huge heart on the label to remind you.

The Trend-Conscious Hipster
For this guy, it's literally all in the name. Oregon Pinot? That's SO two years ago! He wants the latest, coolest, most of-the-moment everything. For him, try a fresher-than-fresh Brut IPA or Kettle Sour, a funky Pet Nat wine, or one of our 4 new Japanese Whiskeys.

The Beer Nerd
A major subset of the Trend Conscious Hipster, the Beer Nerd is most interested in beer or breweries he or she has not yet heard of and/or extreme freshness. Beer brewed with maple syrup, peaches, obscure hot peppers, or experimental hop varieties? IPA that was canned yesterday? We've got that!

The Minimalist
Typically a busy, tightly-scheduled person, the Minimalist has no time for frippery. Or ingredient-gathering. For this person, the best gift is something pre-organized. Gift him a custom cocktail kit with recipe and all the ingredients, or a dinner party-worthy wine trio-he'll look like a superb host without doing all that legwork.

The Center of Attention
This person is the ultimate scene-stealer. She likes to be center stage, spotlight ON, and she does not like to be upstaged. Hit this one out of the park by gifting her a bottle as big as her personality. We have magnums and 3 liters-many surprisingly affordable!- that will be just the thing. 'Oh, this bottle of luscious wine is way too big!' said Nobody. Ever.

The Iconoclast
Feet firmly on the road less traveled, the Iconoclast prefers deeply individual selections. If you have it, he doesn't want it. We get you, Iconoclast. We LOVE having things that are ours, and ours alone. Gift this person one of three store-exclusive spirits, or better yet a gift set of all three.

Recognize any of your giftees above? Awesome! But if we missed someone on your list, maybe a Pour Richard's gift card is the ticket. Whatever your gifting needs, we've got that.