School's out. Graduations are over and done. Mother's Day-check. Father's Day-ditto. And this week, even the weather gods got the memo: cue the sunshine and warmth. It's summertime; put your feet up and enjoy!

At the height of summer, you won't catch me tackling complicated, multi-step recipes. There's no need; when the farmer's markets are loaded with fresh produce, a locally-sourced salad and grilled fish or chicken are as good as it gets. Corn on the cob, garden-ripe tomatoes, and minimal intervention are the law of the land.

And my wine? Ditto. I love to geek out over the new and the obscure as much as any cork dork, but the golden days of high summer are no time to go overly complex. Right now, I'm looking for what I like to call 'medium-slutty wine'.

Medium slutty wine is like a truly great beach read- intelligent enough that you don't lose interest, but not so challenging that it interferes with your afternoon nap. It's the stereotypical bad girl with a heart of gold: hinting at trouble and thumbing her nose at convention, but full of slightly off-color fun.

Rich and creamy Chardonnay, with more oak than I'd enjoy most of the year, is just the ticket now. A bold and spicy Zinfandel, redolent of jammy fruit, vanilla, and spice is the holy grail on grill night. And an easygoing rose, served up icy cold, hits the spot on a hot day.

If you really want to think outside the box, we're loving the canned wine cocktails from St Mayhem. They're adding peaches and ginger to Chardonnay, and matcha, mint, and raspberries to rosé. A departure from the norm, but thirst-quenching and delicious.

Easy does it.