Don't Panic (aka Savor Summer)

Savor Summer

Something about the act of flipping the calendar to August incites a particular brand of panic: 'NOOO! It's August, and I haven't even gotten to go to the beach/have a cookout/see a movie at the drive -in theatre/fill in your favorite summer activity'. It's tempting to blame this impulse on the back-to-school ads, but even families with no member within shouting distance of school age seem to feel this FOMO end-of-summer panic.

It's not the actual weather. Average daily temperatures for late August and early September still range into the 80s, perfectly viable for the beach. Or BBQ's. Why do we succumb to this notion that summer is almost over?

I think it's the light. Once the summer solstice (June 21 this year) hits, the days start getting shorter. At first, the difference is barely perceptible, but by August, we're losing about 2 minutes of sunlight with each successive day. Add this to the ever-dwindling supply of rosé in the store, and no wonder we panic!

But panic is no way to enjoy these golden sun-drenched days. I hereby resolve to relax and savor every last drop of warmth, sunshine, and fun before that first chilly morning reminds me that it's time to put away my beach chair for another season.

Until that day, I'm going for toes-in-the-sand, long walks with the dogs, easy supper on the grill, and an icy rosé in my glass as the sun goes down. Join me?