Dog Days

Flat Dog

As a small child, I thought the Dog Days of Summer referred to hot summer days when our dogs would lie flat and still in the shade, untempted by barn cats, scampering gophers, or mischievous children. Later, I read accounts that the name stems from weather so hot it drove dogs mad. But the true derivation of Dog Days is Greek, from Sirius aka the Dog Star, and its position in the morning sky.

In late July, Sirius appears to rise before the sun. This time typically coincides with hot, sticky weather; historically, fever and disease frequently followed, so the dog days of summer became identified with madness and catastrophe. Several days into a heat wave so stubborn that it offers no respite even at night, I'm starting to see the sense in this definition.

The picture above, captioned 'Flat Dog', was taken by my daughter in New York's West Village; she said it looked as though the dog just could not remain upright any longer. The pose is familiar: my two terriers, generally eager for long walks, have instead taken to sprawling across our AC vents. Honestly, I've considered joining them.

At the store, we're operating rosé central; every other customer walks in, sweating, requesting 'something cool, please.' Our giant pink display has taken quite the hit- I keep re-filling it, and it just keeps shrinking. But relief is on the way, in both liquid and meteorological form. We're expecting a gorgeous Lambrusco Rosato this week, and the weather's due to break on Monday.

Til then, stay cool and chill more rosé.