Do You Know (Where Your Drink Comes From)?

Flag Hill Chalk Board

At Pour Richard's, we love local. Our 'house' rum is Privateer, from Massachusetts. We are also proud to carry spirits from Mad River, in Vermont's Mad River Valley, Medfield's Astraluna Distillery, Berkshire Mountain Distillery, and many others.

Why?The better question is 'Why NOT?'. Because local companies employ local residents. More of the revenue stays in the immediate area. Money you were going to spend anyway also benefits your town and region.

None of this is exactly breaking news, but what I had not fully considered is this: these companies also buy their ingredients locally, thus supporting farmers and other small businesses. Lee, New Hampshire's Flag Hill Distillery posted a beautiful illustration of this on Instagram recently, and I have shamelessly stolen their photo (above) to make my point.

Flag Hill buys their blueberries from a small farm in Maine. The maple syrup (for their delicious Maple liqueur) comes from Temple, NH. Drinking their applejack brandy? Those apples are from Concord, MA. Their cranberry liqueur starts out at a farm in Carver. And the grapes and grains that form the base of their cordials, brandies, and whiskies are picked from Flag Hill's very own fields.

So when you purchase a bottle of Flag Hill Spirits here, you're supporting a small business in Franklin (us), a small business in southern NH (Flag Hill), a panoply of New England farms, and the employees of all those businesses, who also live in your region. And best of all, utterly fresh local produce plus a skilled and passionate distiller equals delicious and compelling spirits.

Now that's a win/win/win. Stop by and try some Flag Hill and see if you don't agree.