When I'm in the mood for a really killer workout, I head toward Soulcycle. It's not convenient. The nearest one is in Dedham. The music is ridiculously loud, and I only recognize about 30% of it. But it IS efficient- in only 45 minutes, that class can make every muscle fiber in your body ache. And then there's Ryan.

Ryan, an extremely tall, extremely fit, and extremely funny instructor, specializes in surprises. Will he break out some cheerleading moves? Insist that everyone sing along to Ghostbusters? Show up in a Beyonce wig and costume? He's a no-holds-barred character, and his class is so fun you barely notice how hard you're working. Honestly, he's just bubbly. No wonder I like him-bubbles improve almost everything.

I'm thinking bubbly because the Champagne 'season' is almost upon us. But what I'm thinking is this: what season? You only drink bubbly at Christmas, New Year's Eve, and the odd graduation? What? WHY??!!!

Listen, people: You are depriving yourselves of one of the biggest pleasures in the world of wine. Champagne goes with everything from snacks to dessert (because: acid). Those bubbles act like scrubbing brushes on your palate, meaning the wine's flavor will shine through no matter what you've been eating. And sure, true Champagne can be pricey*, but there are loads of other regions which produce value-driven bubbly in every possible style and at every price. Why on earth are you not drinking it?

Clearly, we need some sort of intervention. I propose this: Commit to drinking something delicious and bubbly, with food or without, twice each month for 6 months. If, at the end of six months, you still don't like it, I promise to give up. (I'm not worried; you'll love it.) Meanwhile, I'll be right here, drinking my delicious bubbly and burning it off in Ryan's Soulcycle class.

* Unless you shop with us and buy Wine Traditions' amazing and affordable grower Champagnes. Not pricey. Just delicious.