Boys of Summer?

Boys of Summer

'You should sponsor this team. They play just down the road. Great guys. They like beer. I bet they shop here. Actually, it's a marketing opportunity...reach out to new groups. You should definitely sponsor them. It's not much-just enough for some new shirts and hats.'

Thus my husband talked me into sponsoring his softball team, even though I strongly suspected this wasn't so much a marketing opportunity as an opportunity for John to pitch some games. He played baseball in high school and college, but in adulthood, work commitments had curtailed his baseball, and I knew he missed it. This MOTH (Men's Over The Hill) League seemed like the right chance. I wrote the check, and figured maybe I'd see some new beer customers, maybe not.

Readers, I feel I've been misled. Now, I had no delusions of grandeur. I didn't think this team was going to win championships. I did, however, think that they might win the occasional game. And to be fair, they have. But not very often. Yikes. I think the Pour Richard's MOTH team might be a bit too OTH.

That was last season. We're hoping for better results this year. So I told them if they can win 3 games, there's free beer in it for them. And there's a rumor floating around that they're searching for a few younger players to balance out the roster and add some speed and power. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my beer chilled.

So if you or someone you know wants to play softball one or two nights/week this summer, let us know. I hear the beer is pretty good.