Black Brown & Beige: A Spirited Event!

Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 4:30pm to 6:30pm

All-time BEST way to spend a Saturday afternoon? Three amazing musicians playing Duke Ellington compositions, paired with a bourbon/Scotch/rye/rum/Armagnac/Cognac tasting that also benefits a local performing arts group. Yes, please!
Mark White, Mark Poniatowski, and Kenny Hadley are three Boston-based professional musicians who have traveled and played, together and separately, all over the world. We are incredibly fortunate to welcome them to Franklin, where they'll be riffing on Duke Ellington's album Black, Brown, and Beige while we taste spirits in those same colors. Springbank Scotch, Germaine-Robin Brandy, Darroze Armagnac, Bourbons from Flag Hill, FEW, Breckenridge, Town Branch, and more. El Dorado 12 year rum. And much, much more. Tickets, $10, are a 100% donation to Franklin Performing Arts Company's Black Box Theatre.
A treat for all your senses!