Big Gulp


I'm not really a 'Big Gulp' type. My nearest gas station isn't a 7-11, and even if it were, I wouldn't be grabbing a 64 oz soda. Who is THAT thirsty?

I may need to re-think that.

With the turn of the season, our wine selections change, too. We'll always have some bodacious reds in stock, but what I really want right now is thirst-quenching wines, wines you can drink rather than sip. Gulpable wines.

Gulpable wines come in every color and style. But whether red, white,or rosé, still or sparkling, they have 2 things in common: low-ish alcohol and refreshing acidity.

Right now, I'm in love with Hunter, a zesty little Pinot Gris from New Zealand. And rosé period, but especially Les Rocailles, a Savoie rosé that tastes like woodland strawberries eaten beside an alpine stream. Reds? What about the Old Westminster Piquette, a low abv red sparkler that we've been calling our East Coast Lambrusco. (It's made in Maryland.)

I am truly obsessed with the Locatelli Cabernet Franc. A grape I love, from my favorite place (Italy), in a style that highlights the snap, crackle, and pop* that Cab Franc does so well. Apparently, a substantial number of our customers agree; it has been flowing out the door at an alarming rate.

But the end-all, be-all of gulpable is La Vie en Rose, an addictively delicious, just off-dry, rosé sparkler that tastes like strawberry rhubarb jam made into a delicious pink bubbly wine. We call it Pink Happy Juice. We also call it magical (because it disappears-Houdini!)

None of them come in 64 oz tumblers, but nonetheless: gulpable.

*yes, a Rice Krispies wine