BI Ferry Sunset

Sometimes, balance is everything.

In yoga, you can be the most flexible and/or the strongest person in the room, but if you don't have balance, you'll still topple over in half moon pose. In photography, balance is also paramount. Although I know this, I almost never manage to achieve it; I am a truly terrible photographer.

This week, my most difficult balancing act was sending my daughter back to college. I'm massively proud of her accomplishments, and I know her maturity and independence mean we've done at least some things 'right'. But LA's a six hour flight away. We MISS her. Balance.

On one of her last days at home, we took a family trip to Block Island. We've been visiting BI for years; it's a special place for us. Biking country lanes, strolling streets straight out of the Victorian era, climbing down to a nearly-deserted beach, catching a spectacular sunset on the evening ferry...a day on BI is the definition of peace and balance.

Back at the store, I balance an empty house with a jam-packed fall calendar of events. Tuscan wine, Port, Champagne, a Beer Extravaganza or 2, Pennywise!, a Whiskey Around the World Seminar, a Taste of New England Spirits...and that's just in the next few weeks. Whatever your interests, I'm pretty sure we have an eve or 3 that are just what you're looking for.

Tonight, I'll head home and try to ignore the empty laundry basket and weirdly quiet house. I'll cuddle up with a dog or two, a good book, and a glass of Il Molino di Grace, a beautifully balanced Chianti Classico. The daughter is where she belongs. The store-my other baby-is thriving. The world is in balance. All will be well.