Back to the Drawing Board


Summer-technically-doesn't end until September 22. Technically. Because if you attend, teach, or are otherwise involved at a school or college, summer ends right about now. Ditch the bathing suit; pick up the backpack. Set the alarm. Hit the books.

I was forcibly reminded of all this by a Facebook post featuring snippets of some actual high school essays. I poached four of the best (worst) for the picture above, but there are 14 more online. Worth a chuckle or two.

But a chuckle is probably the best they'll get in class, because I highly doubt this was what their teachers had in mind when they assigned an analogy, a comparison of two otherwise unrelated entities for their shared qualities. Words matter! You can't just throw any old combination onto the page. You need the right words.

The wine world has its own version of Back to School, because this is the season when retail shops start preparing for the holidays. Over the next couple weeks, we'll taste countless wines with our suppliers, in search of 'just right': the best version of each style of wine we want in the store.The right word, the right wine: precision is a worthy goal.

In truth, I love this 'work'. Most of my suppliers are old friends. So are the wines. So, raise a glass of something delicious, and toast to transition and change. Wine matters, too.