This Week's Monday Madness

The Romans knew a thing or two about making wine. After all, they were responsible for the first vine plantings in most of what we think of as the 'Old World': France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and more. And of all the storied French wine regions, where did the Romans plant their first grapes? That's right-the Languedoc. They recognized the twin benefits of limestone soil and hills with a little altitude. It isn't their fault that subsequent generations pushed the envelope by planting vines on alluvial floodplains and making over-cropped, insipid plonk.

The Laroche family, generations deep in Chablis, know a thing or two about Chardonnay. When they were seeking vineyards to expand their empire, they came across some vineyards in the Languedoc that seemed tailor-made for Chardonnay. Clay and limestone soil- check. Higher altitudes, so the daytime sun tempers to cool, breezy nights-check. Well drained, sustainably farmed, a south-facing to catch the sun? Check and check and check. This is Languedoc wine, but plonk it isn't.

Floral aromas give way to flavors of crisp apple, white peach, and honeydew melon. Long, slow ripening means fully-developed flavors and a lovely balance of acid and fruit. This is vibrant and creamy, but also lithe and graceful.

You shop with us, so you know a thing or two about buying and drinking good wine. So...quality Chardonnay for $10 per. Go for it.

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Notes From All Over

Seed Sprouting

It's supposed to be Spring. Right? And yet, as I write this, the weather is doing a marvelous impression of the inside of a car wash. With a full-on monsoon outside my door, spring seems a little far away. But it's there...if you look for it. Pale green shooting up from the earth. Crocuses and daffodils blooming. Buds pushing on the trees. Wild geese calling overhead, on their way north for the summer.

The Optimist's View
black hole edit

My daughter just completed her class schedule for next semester, including an astronomy class which fulfills an earth sciences distribution requirement. She's not terribly excited about it, because she's not a science major, and the course has a reputation for difficulty.

Taste: It's Personal

Cilantro is a polarizing herb; people either love it or hate it. And the people who hate it really, truly HATE it. I know, because I'm one of them.