This Week's Monday Madness

If you're thinking, 'What on EARTH is a Stift-Klosterneuburg Blaufränkisch?', you are not alone. The name is long, unfamiliar, AND it has an umlaut. "Americans are known to have a crippling fear of umlauts".* Relax. There will not be a quiz after this email. We won't even make you pronounce it. We do think you should drink it.

Stift-Klosterneuburg is both an active monastery and Austria's oldest winery. Founded in 1114, S-K is still owned and operated by the monks of its order. It is also certified organic, GMO-free and completely carbon neutral. Plowing and pruning and cover crops, yes. Chemicals, not so much.

And Blaufränkisch? The name means 'blue', as in a blue grape, and 'from France'. In this case, it also means a fresh, vibrant red, full of juicy blueberry, blackberry, and plum flavors, but with great balancing acidity. Thirst-quenching. Gulpable. Perfect for warm nights. Perfect for summer. This may just be the red for a heat wave.

So what is Stift-Klosterneuburg Blaufränkisch? What you want to drink this summer.

* Eric Asimov, The New York Times

Online special available for in-store pickup at your convenience after 12 PM today. Available until Sunday, July 28, or until product runs out.

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Notes From All Over

Dog Days
Flat Dog

As a small child, I thought the Dog Days of Summer referred to hot summer days when our dogs would lie flat and still in the shade, untempted by barn cats, scampering gophers, or mischievous children. Later, I read accounts that the name stems from weather so hot it drove dogs mad. But the true derivation of Dog Days is Greek, from Sirius aka the Dog Star, and its position in the morning sky.

Gansett seawall

When I take a summer day off from the store, you can usually find me somewhere in southern Rhode Island, toes in the sand, eyes on the waves. Honestly, I love the beach so much it's a wonder I haven't grown fins. An early morning run or walk, a quick dip in the ocean, uninterrupted time with a good book, maybe a nap...what's not to love? And that's before considering the incredible beauty of sand, surf, and sky.

Farms & Future

When someone says 'farm', what do you think of? Something like the picture above? I do, in part because that picture was taken just a few miles away from my family's farm. But that picture-house, barn, hay bales, and a farm family inside the house- belongs to a disappearing reality. More and more often, a 'farm' is a giant agri-business composed of 10 or more of the family farms from my childhood. And big or small, it's tough to make a living farming. As of the 2017 Economic Census, a higher percentage of US farms reported a net loss in earnings than a net profit.