This Week's Monday Madness

Sometimes style and substance are simply not in sync. Example: this tasty little bubbly in a frankly hideous bottle.

Pata Negra is grown on a 17th century walled estate in Barcelona, on a steep hillside overlooking the Mediterranean. Organically farmed Macabeo, with an average of 30 year old vines. Champagne method, with the second fermentation in the bottle. They're doing everything right except the bottle itself.

Pata Negra has an elegant, creamy mousse, with tiny delicate bubbles. Flavors of apple and citrus with faint herbal notes and just a touch of biscuity complexity on the dry, crisp finish.

You can't buy decent Prosecco at this price, let alone quality Champagne method bubbly. Who CARES about the bottle? After all, you're not drinking the label.

Online special available for in-store pickup at your convenience after 12 PM today. Available until Sunday, August 25, or until product runs out.

The Almanac

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Notes From All Over

Keeping the Peace
Beach Pic

The first time I visited the beach with my then-boyfriend now-husband and his family, I was astonished at the sheer amount of STUFF they brought along. A canopy tent, grill, Coleman stove, equipment to cook pasta and meatballs for lunch and later, sausage and peppers. Coolers, plural, crammed with food. His dad would have the car in line 45+ minutes before the parking lot opened. Those not tasked with the important work of driving in the supplies (aka the females) were dispatched to 'claim' 2 picnic tables for our use.

Late Summer: Sweet Corn & Tomatoes
Tomatoes in Hand

In the depths of winter, when I'm fantasizing about summer, those fantasies break down into 2 broad categories: the beach and late-summer vegetables. The beach because that's where I wish I was, the vegetables because I wish that's what I was eating. August is when gardens and farm stands explode with deliciousness faster than you can consume it. If you've never had cause to appreciate your 5 senses, August at a farmer's market will change all that, with sights, sounds, and-especially-smells certain to have you drooling in anticipation. Zucchini, fresh herbs, garlic, eggplant. Beans.


Scanning the paper over coffee one morning, I saw this headline: 'Customer chases liquor store owner with machete.' Um, what?! Apparently, the store owner asked the customer to watch his language, and the customer reacted by pulling a machete out of his trunk. This incident happened in Providence. And while I adore Providence, I could do without machetes, thanks! My Midwest childhood didn't prepare me for that sort of thing.