This Week's Monday Magic

In general, I am not the biggest fan of Australian wines.

There are exceptions. Some seriously old-vine grenache or shiraz. A nice dry riesling or semillon. And now this. This, as in seriously silky, complex Pinot Noir for a seriously silly price.

The De Bortoli family, 90 years and 4 generations deep into winemaking, has 2 mottos. The official one is Semper ad Majora, or 'Always striving for better'; the unofficial 'Good Food, Good Wine, and Good Friends'. They aim to make wines of character and a sense of place, wines that are a true expression of their environment.

The Yarra Valley is cooler than most of Australia, with low rainfall, and well-drained clay-loam soils. In other words: a perfect recipe for Pinot.

De Bortoli's Regional Reserve Pinot is more Old World than new, more silky than bold, and more complex than simply fruity. But it's also full of plump, ripe cherry and strawberry fruit, with just a hint of spice. It would elevate a roast chicken to new heights, or put some pizazz into your Tuesday night pasta. Best of all, pop open a bottle, put out some cheese and crackers and-hey!-where did all the wine go? Oops-better buy more than one.

Online special available for pickup in-store after noon today. Special available until Sunday, January 13, or until we run out of wine. To purchase, just click on the Specials tab, above.

The Almanac

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Notes From All Over

Winter Blues Begone

I once worked with a winery owner famous for his 'challenging' personality. He was never, ever happy with his depletions. If you had sold lots of wine A, why hadn't you also sold more of wine B? If you'd knocked it out of the park with A and B, well then what about wine C, hmm? Worse, he complained about absolutely everything, and had no filter around customers. He managed to turn customers into non-customers at an incredible rate. When he visited the US, we'd argue about whose turn it was to deal with him. Rock-paper-scissors not mine!

Walking in the Woods

Scene: Snowy morning. I am dressed in winter gear and snow shoes, have two dogs on a leash, and have just climbed up from the trail to a road crossing. Woman in a car stops, rolls down window.

Woman: Are you ok?

Me (perplexed): Yes...

Woman: But are you lost?

Me (still perplexed): No...?

Woman: But you came out of the woods!

Me, pointing: There's a trail.

Woman: Why on earth would you do that?

Me: Ummm....

Outside the Lines

"You have to color outside the lines once in a while if you want to make your life a masterpiece."
-Albert Einstein

Thanks to a book and some colored pencils I received in a subscription box, I've joined the throngs of people pursuing 'adult coloring books', 'adult' in this case denoting only a lack of cartoon characters and not anything X-rated. It's a soothing, mindless activity. It allows me to pretend I have a smidge of artistic ability. I have only one criticism: there are so many lines to stay within. And I've always enjoyed coloring outside the lines.