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Marvelous Crimson. Seriously, that’s the translation. Maravilla is Spanish for ‘marvelous’, and Carmenere means ‘crimson’. And that’s only the beginning of this odyssey.

Carmenere, aka the great lost grape of Bordeaux, probably originated somewhere in Spain. The Romans brought it to Tuscany-where, as Biturica, it is still blended with Sangiovese-and then to Bordeaux’s Left Bank, where Carmenere contributed useful color and structure. Unfortunately, Carmenere is very susceptible to rot and disease; the marshy vineyards of the Medoc were a poor match for it. When phylloxera struck at the end of the 19th century, Carmenere didn’t get replanted.

But Bordeaux’s delicate flower is a rock star in the sandy soils and relative isolation of Chile. Mind you, they didn’t even know it was Carmenere, thinking it was just a particularly dark, spicy clone of Merlot. in 1998, DNA testing proved otherwise, and Chileans learned to let Carmenere fully ripen and to embrace its earthy, spicy, smoky character.

The Maule Valley is an ideal site for Carmenere, with sloping vineyards, good altitude, and proximity to cooling coastal breezes. The climate is similar to Northern California. Winemaker Jorge Martinez takes his experience in Rioja, Bordeaux, and Napa, and applies it to his native region. The result is a bright, fresh, vibrant red, bursting with flavors of plum, black raspberry, mint, mocha, and nutmeg. It’s truly delicious. At this price, you might even call it marvelous.

Online special available for in-store pickup after 10 AM. Available until Sunday, October 27 or until product runs out.


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